Well, I made it through the 22 hours of competition. I didn’t win, but everything turned out like I wanted it too. It went well, and I had a lot of fun.

Met so many awesome people at this event. Folks would come by to visit, and give me words of encouragement. That really helped out a lot, especially towards the end when I was mentally depleted.

It was nice being in the company of so many like minded people. Artist that enjoy hunting and fishing as much as I do.

Spent so much time with her, she felt like my baby

So whats next for this piece?

I think I’ll probably keep adding clay to it, and give it some eyes, ears, and fur. Then, make a mold of it, cast it in fiberglass or foam. As the last step, I’ll paint it. Either to look like a real raccoon or a bronze sculpture. It all depends on what I can pull off.

I will do this again, however for the US it will be 2024. So I have a little time to get prepared.

Stay tuned, I’ll be giving updates on some new paintings I’m creating.

Until next time,


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