Custom Made for you

On August 3 2021, we lost our Bassett Hound Fred.  He was a member of our family and a best friend.  losing him was like a punch to the gut.  I know how much your pet means to you.  My goal is to create a perfect work of art that you can cherish forever.

Custom pet portraits are hand drawn on canvas.  Every detail is done with meticulous attention to accurately capture your pet.  Then painted with acrylic paints.

I realize that some folks may have a special bond with other animals that are called pets.  Maybe pigs, chickens, rabbits, or horses.  If they are special to you, I will create a masterpiece with the same passion as I would a dog or cat.

For the best results, I’ll need a good photo. I can consult you on choosing a good photo or offer advice on taking a photo that captures the details and spirit of your pet.  Just contact me,  I will gladly help.

It takes 2-4 weeks for me to complete a portrait. I send weekly updates to make sure you are satisfied with the progress and with the final piece when I’m done

Special request can be arranged as well. Maybe a human portrait, or the house your grandma lived in.  In the 24  years of being a free lance artist, I have drawn or painted just about everything .  If there is something you always wanted painted, I’m here for you.

Bryan Bramblett


Prices Start at $125  Call Now! 405-320-1850