Meet the Artist

To create Wildlife Art, I regularly visit the local woods and water for references. My studio resembles a Natural History Museum with the bones, antlers and pieces of driftwood that has been collected over the years.  More

I am a student of the natural world, especially in the areas of animal anatomy. Even though, I don’t consider myself a taxidermist, much time has been spent studying this art form.

Whether it’s a drawing or painting, the process is always the same. I use all references that’s available to me. This consist of photos, sketches, maquettes, found objects and personal observations. Every animal, tree, rock or patch of grass is planned out. Often times, I will hide small animals in my pieces and on some occasions, there will be a secret messages for the viewer to find.

The drawings are created using twelve drawing pencils and one mechanical pencil. My focus is on contrast, by using the negative space to create the illusion of depth.